​Top ​​Free Antivirus Software 2019

​Free antivirus providers are now few and far between. ​The good news is there are still a few ​good, free antivirus providers. However, finding the best free antivirus provider can be difficult as the offerings continue to change.  ​Some free antivirus software is ​better than some paid software, as they are quick to install ​and run a full antivirus scan which works for most home users. ​We continually search the web, ​updating our free antivirus offerings​. Below ​are the best ​free downloads available as of ​June 2019.

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Best Free Antivirus


  • ​Voted #1 Antivirus 201​8/2019
  • ​Removes ​Viruses, Trojans,  Malware & Spyware
  • VB100 Antivirus ​Award 2019
  • ​Top Notch, 24/7 support
  • check
    TotalAV offers a free antivirus scanner


AVG FREE Download 2018
  • ​Great antivirus for all ​ Windows
  • ​Great price ​with so many features
  • ​Comprehensive Feature Set
  • ​Reliable, 24/7 support


PCprotect Free
  • ​​Strong Feature Set
  • ​Bonus Features for 2018
  • ​​Easy to Install. Running in 15 mins.
  • ​​Scanning Options are Superior


  • World's largest security company
  • ​Great price offering now, Save 58%
  • ​File shredder & PC Tuneup included
  • ​No Chat Support


AVG Free 2018
  • ​Poor score in anti-phishing scores
  • ​Weak scanning scores
  • ​Speedy full scan​​​​
  • ​​Website rating and Do Not Track


AVG FREE Download 2018
  • ​Free Microsoft antivirus
  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​Virus Definitions updated late/slow
  • ​Does NOT Support Mac, IOS

​So, What Exactly IS Free Antivirus Software?

​Antivirus software is an application that’s built to maintain your personal computer virus-free and thoroughly clean of the hazardous threats which are lurking around on the web . These are designed to examine your computer in real-time to discover and remove all potential problems before they create harm to your personal machine . They may additionally be set up onto an contaminated system, so you can fix it and ‘bring it back to life’ .

Many companies provide FREE antivirus solutions . That’s terrific, right? Or is it too good to be true?
The necessity for an antivirus differs greatly, determined by exactly what you’re running on the machine . For instance; When you’re connected to the web, making use of online banking, enjoying games or simply writing documents . Why does the kind of use make a difference? For a start, each PC connected to the web is susceptible to viruses. So, when you’re connected to the worldwide web in any way fashion or form, make certain you’re running an antivirus! Whether it’s free or paid is another matter.

Free antivirus software will work quite well and the price is right!  So, why should somebody purchase software that you could get at no cost? Paid antivirus software includes more features such as: spam filters, browser protection, pc optimizer and firewalls. You might be sitting down now pondering to yourself while reading this “well I don’t need those types of services",  and in that case, you’d be correct.

In summary, there are two excellent reasons to opt for a free antivirus program:
1. Free of charge antivirus software programs usually do the basic stuff very well and will typically include the needed options to keep a system thoroughly clean.
2. You can use free protection from a reputable (eg TotalAV, ScanGuard, or PCProtect) antivirus company as a free, no strings attached, safe antivirus version. With this option, you can continue to use the free version indefinitely, or if you ever need additional services as your browsing/surfing habits change, you can always signup for their paid program(s).  And as a current, active user, you will have access to all programs options, specials, etc, available.

No commitment, no credit card required:

Its a win-win opportunity.

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